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Privacy policy

SEIWA CORPORATION (henceforth "our company") positions protection of personal information as an important matter, will define "privacy policy" as follows and will carry it out.

1. Decision and the continuous improvement of a compliance program

The officer and employee of our company recognize the importance of protection of personal information, decide upon the compliance program for protecting personal information, carry out and maintain this, and improve continuously.

2. Collection, use and offer of personal information

In collecting, using and offering the personal information according to the business activity and the operating actual condition of our company, according to the regulation which our company defined, it is dealt with appropriately.

3. Enforcement of safety measures

Our company defines regulation and implements safety measures to prevent unlawful access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, an alteration, and disclosure so that the trouble which personal information flows into external or is altered unfairly may not be caused.

4. Respect of a right

When the right of the individual about personal information is respected and it is able to ask for an indication, correction, and deletion about self personal information, our company corresponds appropriately following to a socially accepted idea or a custom.

5. Observance of a statute and a norm

Our company observes the statute and the other norm about personal information, all the employees understand the importance of protection of personal information, and we enforce the proper method of dealing with it.

July. 1, 2011
Toshihiko Tatsu
President and Chief Executive Officer